Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Learning to Drive

I have started to learn to drive recentley and the experience is overwhelming, not in a way that I feel I can't cope but the possibilities of what a new life it will open up for me is so exciting. I never thought I'd bother to learn at least until I needed to, well life has been telling me I need to. With my career opening up as an artist I find I'm limited in the shows I can do, trade and craft and have to inlist the help of my family and although they are very kind and willing (my rocks to all accounts) I feel I need the independance, freedom and choice that my own car will give me.

I am on the Princes Trust enterprise programme at the moment and although I've been awarded a grant I've also decided to apply for the Loan. When I pass my test I want to have a car straight away and begin my new journey as an even more independant person.

I'm very lucky I have a great driving instructor, she puts no pressure on me and keeps telling me not to be hard on myself, which I must say is one of my expert talents : ). Learning to drive I find for me is a gradual process, feeling safe and confident to move forward with each step, making mistakes is good, you learn more!absorbing the enormity of the lifestyle it will eventually bring me and above all else, enjoying it!

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