Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Facebook, Etsy and Waterfalls

Well it's been a busy month this month, looking for venues for York Open Studios, submitting work for galleries and opening my new Etsy shop. This week proves to be just as busy as I'm doing more of the same. I've got a craft fair to prepare for and another gallery in Nunninton that I'm planning to get to very soon.

This is my new Etsy shop, inspired by my very own DIY wedding, the products were great fun to make. I'm still navigating my way round Etsy and figuring out how it all works but I'll get there in the end and it's great to have all my products up there so people can view them easily.


I also have a new Facebook page! again I am navigating my way round, it's very different to twitter both have pro's and con's but I really like Facebook for the fact you can write more than 140 characters at a time! and that it shows up links and pictures really well. You all have probably known this for eons but I'm a slow starter : )


As well as working part time, taking care of all the general life stuff we all have to deal with, doing my art work and practicing yoga as much as I possibly fit in we always make sure we get away every Saturday or Sunday to the country and last weekend it was Aysgarth Falls. I almost love it more in the colder weather, blows the cobwebs away. Happy Tuesday everyone.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Ilkley Cow and Calf

Ilkley Moor
Today we went to Ilkley Moor, what a beautiful place. I highly recommend the Sunday Roast at the Cow and Calf Inn that looks over the Moor. We went on a fantastic walk and watched some climbers attempt some tricky rocks.

It was our first day trip in our new car and also our first autumn day out in the country, it was still warm enough to have our lunch outside.

Me watching hubby climb a boulder, look at my cool combo of hiking boots and red crotchet tights! :)

I thought this rock was beautiful, the white marks are chalk from the climbers

Overall a great day, the heather is fading now to a light pink and the ferns are wilting, autumn is a wonderful time of year. I'm looking forward to more adventures in the car in the next few weeks.

Monday, 30 January 2012

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Had an amazing day out yesterday at Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The day was fresh, no rain and the sun was out (above Antony Gormley, almost missed this one!)

 Very friendly cattle! ....
 Long walk to the Longview gallery, phew! notice I needed a stick!

Stunning Jaume Plensa work, sun is setting at this point. The beauty of having sculpture outside is that the range of photography is extended to the ever changing light and weather. It was as though the sculptures owned the land, were part of it and not just an "exhibition" but a presence.

 Simply mind blowing... Sophie Ryder

 Quirky and fun textiles by Donna Wilson in the main gallery

 Jaume Plensa, like spirits on the landscape. I couldn't take my eyes off this piece of work

James Turrells Deer Shelter was such a calming experience, from the outside, bricked archway, inside, soft lighting, echoes and silence. As you look up a perfect square cut from the ceiling, exposed to the elements of cloud and sky. Simply beautiful....

And of course Henry Moore. Lots of his work scattered organically across the fields. As it got dark we discussed the presence of these enormous works, what is their purpose in the night when we are no longer here to ponder over their meaning.

Who knows but they have certainly made a life here amongst the grass's and the rocks

Bootham Christmas Exhibiton

This is a bit of a delayed blog post but I have just been sorting out my photos today into folders (rare occurrence) and found these from Christmas! apologies for the dark photos!

All the staff at Bootham were invited to submit pieces of work, all displayed in the main hall corridoor

In mid - display, the two blue pieces are by Emily Harper the current resident artist. Beautiful, sensitive oil paintings of reflections and delicate lighting through glass.

These were the 52 postcards submitted from all the staff, brilliant selection, humorous, inventive, sad, delicate, constructed, woven etc...the idea, organised by the resident artist was to use the surface of the postcard to create a piece of art, poetry, textiles etc on any subject, the results were fantastic.

This was the postcard I submitted. A miniature version of one of my bags and next to it is a poem within a crossword. One of my favorites which I didn't manage to get a photo of was the science department submitted a Christmas tree that lit up!

This was meant to be my Christmas blog post, so happy belated Christmas!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

In memory of Janet

Just to let everyone know there is a sale of Janet Moodie's work in Robin Hoods Bay today and tomorrow. Details below:

Fylingdales Village Hall
Sat. 1st & Sun. 2nd October
Sale Of Work
The late Janet Moodie ARCA

Sale includes framed & unframed paintings;
3-D Constructions, Pottery & Textiles.

50% of Proceeds will be shared between
St. Catherine’s Hospice & Cancer Research U.K.
In Memory of Janet.

Refreshments, also in aid of St. Catherine’s Hospice, Scarborough.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Clutch bag commission

Originally a box bag commission changed to a clutch bag commission, this autumnal creation was so much fun to make and definitely a design I will be continuing with!. The customer wanted autumn burnt oranges and reds, so gold silk mixed with merino wool seemed like a good place to begin, this was what I started with.

I decided to go with popper buttons in each corner instead of the large buttons so I could add the flower to the front instead. The lace and silk thread was added at the point of felting and this was the end product.

The lining is what I use in all my bags, butter cream dupion satin, a durable but sophisticated material with a lovely delicate texture on the surface.

And this is the commission all boxed up, 100% recycled packaging : )

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Box Bag Commission

I've just received a recent commission for a felt bag and as the product is new I thought it might be fun to document the progress. I have been asked to create a handbag but in a box shape and in autumnal colours.

This commission may take some working out as I have to find some way of stiffening the felt or using inserts so the felt stands up right and creates the 'box' shape. The bag is to be simple so I've been thinking of making the handles part of the bag and felt it all in one.

If any felters out there have any ideas for stiffening or inserts between felt pleased do let me know : ). I'm quite excited as I've been meaning to try out making some kind of re-inforced felt bag. I love those industrial, super thick felt bags that are around now, such as these: http://inhabitat.com/sustainable-style-gifts/ I'll keep you all posted as to my progress!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Learning to drive, the final chapter

This post is a bit belated as it's been busy times but here it is. I passed my test on the 25th May! and I think only people who have passed their tests can truly understand how liberating a feeling it is.

I was very nervous but found that a lot of meditating and positive thinking in the few weeks leading up to it helped immensely. I passed first time with only two minors so I feel it must have helped somewhat : ) : )

Unfortunately the grant I was awarded could only pay for a car and not for the extortionate amount of insurance that I wasn't expecting to be charged!. This was a disappointment at the time but soon realised the car would have been a drain on my resources. Living in York a bike is much quicker to get around and the car would have been for getting out of town, visiting family, fairs and exhibitions. Petrol prices are rising and rising and I'm continually hearing of stories of young people unable to afford it.

However I am insured on my Mum's car and she said I can borrow it anytime for going away. Me and my partner are planning some wild camping in the next month or two, so it will be great to have the freedom of going in a car. I recently went over to stay with my Mum where she lives in Robin Hoods Bay and drove around the village, Whitby, Sneaton, Ruswarp and Sleights, it was wonderful to drive round the area where I grew up, it's very liberating driving  ; )

The plan will be to save for a car for next year, that's the plan anyway, this is when my insurance is supposed to reduce, if not I will be joining an organisation called car club. For anyone who uses a car on an occasionally basis you might find this of interest http://www.citycarclub.co.uk/

I don't regret learning to drive, just because I can't get a car (yet) it means more work opportunities are now open to me. I can get insured on other cars, I can rent and I don't have to worry about all the payments and when the time comes to get a car of my own I will be prepared and excited. I've done all the hard work, learning is a very lengthy and expensive journey and I have done it! and very proud and when a car comes along it will be the right time.

Instead of spending the grant on a car I was allowed to get a mac desktop and a camera and it is fab! Everything happens for a reason and I'm very much looking forward to more driving very soon.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous!

I'm very excited to announce I have a new stockist 'Gift Wrapped and Gorgeous'. This lovely website has won the Gold website award and their products are regularly featured in newspapers and magazines such as Womans own, The Sunday Express and Perfect Wedding magazine. The website is focussed on handmade, British quality goods and I'm excited to be on board!

Here is the link to my boutique, more products coming soon! http://www.giftwrappedandgorgeous.co.uk/lucy-antwis_14044-products.asp

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Learning to drive Part 3

I'm so close I could touch it : ) last weekend I drove in my Mums car from York to Robin Hoods Bay, RHB to Whitby, RHB to Scarborough and back to York again!, I can actually drive now! I'm still to work on my manveres but have done really well with my turn in the road, still to practice parking and those dreaded roundabouts (I don't know how long that will take to click)! I have my test booked for early May but hoping that I will be able to bring it forward. So close, so close : )

Monday, 14 March 2011

Craft fair in York

I'm very excited to be taking part in Space 109's Easter fair. It should be a lovely day with acoustic music, cafe and craft stalls. Come and say hello if you're a local or in York for the day. Should be a fun day!

Space 109 is a fabulous community arts venue, check out what they do www.space109.org

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Slippers for men

I've been busy today making my first product for men, slippers! I've tried the first pair out as a size 8 - 9.5 but also have some shoe lasts for size 9.5 - 11 and the design is more simple than the girly ones. No silk or lace, didn't think boys would like that so much : )

I'm still to add the cotton edging to neaten them up and add the non slip soles, then taadaa! what do you guys think, are they macho enough? : )

Friday, 18 February 2011

I love yellow

With signs of Spring approaching it always puts me in mind of the colour yellow, I love yellow!. The colour always lifts my spirits and don't think it is worn or used enough. I've recentely designed a new range of spring corsages including yellow and it's my favourite one : )

Daffodils are a classic spring flower and I cannot wait until they start blooming around the York walls and in the University grounds. When the weather gets warmer we will repaint are bedroom yellow with the lovely new wallpaper I found at the weekend reduced from £28 to £2 a roll, bargain!

Yellow is the colour of happiness, roll on Spring!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Whitby, The La Rosa and Lewis Caroll

Last month we went for a weekend away to our home town in Whitby and went to the most quirky hotel!. It was called La Rosa and was situated on the West Cliff of Whitby, a bright yellow building where Lewis Caroll stayed on several occasions. There lots of themed rooms such as a Bram Stoker room, a Peter Pan and Wendy room and...

....this was our view from the Lewis Caroll room : )

This was the library where you could relax and read, have a tipple or choose dvds to watch in the Crows Nest room at the top of the hotel building

The details were endearing

And Whitby looked so beautiful from the window
We visited the Sherlock Holmes cafe on Flowergate which was also done out in the style of the time and the stories. We also ate at Trenchers restaurant which I haven't been to in a while, it was yum! the inside has changed a bit but the haddock and chips are still perfect!
This was our breakfast, they just knocked on the door and left the hamper outside, so lovely! We will definitely be going again.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Learning to drive, an update

A few months ago I started to take driving lessons and wrote a post about it http://wordsinwool.blogspot.com/2010/09/learning-to-drive.html I feel like its due an update. Well my theory test is booked for next week and I've tackled dual carriageways, roundabouts and hill starts to name a few.

I have to say learning to drive has been a roller coaster, some weeks I feel totally confident and have a great time, other weeks I'm nervous and it's like I've forgotten everything but once I get going it all comes back. I do feel learning to drive a bit later in life makes a difference, if I'd done it when I was 17 I'm sure I would have picked it up a lot quicker, your mind state changes as you get older, more cautious maybe, lol.

My family and friends keep reassuring me that there will come a time when it will all be second nature. I'm very much looking forward to trips away with friends and my fella, just discussing it last night, camping in the Lake District and driving to The Big Chill, the music festival we go to every year.

I'm determined to be adventurous with my driving, I want it to give me freedom. Its been a longer journey than I anticipated but I did do my hill start on my first go just before Christmas : ). Its an expensive business having professional lessons but I feel so lucky that I received the ROSE award to pay for a car. In a few weeks I shall start shopping for bits and pieces such as road maps and car accessories but at the moment it all still seems quite unreal.

I also drove in the snow, lots of snow! and was so glad I did, it was a invaluable experience and taught me the differences of driving in such conditions. Confidence is the key and getting used to all these things that at first seems new and scary will, I'm sure, no longer be new and scary. I'm very much looking forward to the time when it will start to become second nature....I will keep updating my progress : ) Wish me luck!

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

I am now officially on my holidays and wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It's been a very eventful 2010 and I'm feeling very positive about the next one to come. I'd like to thank everyone for all their support with Twis over the past year. I have met and conversed with many interesting and kind people in the design world and others, esp on twitter and all my family and friends : ).

There is a lot of talented people out there and I've been pleasantly surprised by the open communities that develop on Twitter, businesses that I respect very much and always willing to help out and support each other.

These are a few who have helped me along with great advice FaysStudio www.faysstudio.com  gorgeous work. Thankyou for your features Matt from YorInspired www.yorinspired.com The lovely Card and gift Blog www.cardandgiftblog.blogspot.com Live and Love Magazine for featuring me back in the summer  www.loveyork.org  Jenny from IndieQuarter www.indiequarter.com/blog  And just too many other lovelies to mention! and of course The Princes Trust! thankyou! www.princes-trust.org.uk

I hope the next year to come is fruitful for all of us and that we all keep creating lovely things and being positive, thanks for all your support. Have a lovely break and a magical Merry Christmas!

Lucy x

Monday, 13 December 2010

Ice sculptures in York

On Sunday we went to York Swinegate and the Minster Quarters to see The Festival of Angels. The Festival consisted off a show of ice sculptures from Harry Potter to Christmas angels.

This sculpture was also on a stall with baileys coming out of the bottle : ). It was chilly but I had a mulled wine which warmed me up.

There was a band playing in the Quarter which got us in a Christmassy mood. At one point I thought it had started snowing again until I noticed there was a snow machine. A very convincing Father Christmas was there with his reindeer and sleigh

It was very busy and lots of lovely stalls selling food and spicy drinks. Many of the shops had stalls in the street, such as this adorable sweet shop

Grape Lane, Little Stonegate and Swinegate were all transformed into a bustling event with lots of winter cheer, a lovely Sunday afternoon out.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Beloved shoes

Getting in the Christmas mood I have of course being browsing one of my favourite and many other girls and womens passion, shoes!. Its been making me think of the meaning of shoes and what they do for us. I thought I'd take you through the history of my shoe wearing starting with teenage.

When I was fourteen I entered my rebellious phase and the most brilliant, most wonderful thing I could think of to own was the glorious Doc Martin boot. Somehow these magical shoes gave me the confidence to feel I was protected in their hard exterior and tough leather, nothing could touch me when I wore my Doc Martins (esp the cherry red ones)

Getting into late teenage and early twenties I, for want of  better words 'softened up a bit' and I wanted a more sophisticated look. No more pink hair and clashing colours (although some days I'm tempted). When I was younger I wore anything I thought would annoy people but getting older I still wanted to be different but didn't feel the need to 'express' myself so extremely : ). I still loved boots. So makes such as rocket dog seemed the perfect alternative. I loved all their shoes and boots. I even went through a rare phase of wearing trainers. Which I enjoyed and feel myself vearing towards again.

It wasnt until my mid twenties that my passion for heals started, I dont know what changed, I always felt too self consious until then to wear them but as I got older and my confidence grew I developed a taste for everything bright and girly esp 40's style shoes. I still never wear a really high or thin heal,  I like the more petite style, here is a pair I have my eye on....

So now what do I wear, as a woman 'ahem' entering a new phase in my life, my 30's. Well I wear anything that makes me feel good, flats, boots, heels. I always like to find something unique. I have learnt over the years that all the shoes I owned were important to the phases I was going through. I know the fourteen year old me is always there in my head reminding me to be bold. At the moment my phase is one I'd like to keep and that is to seize the day, celebrate shoe wearing and enjoy it.

No matter how we don't like to admit it clothes and shoes make us feel good, shoes esp remind me of people, times and memories, they are like little pieces of art on my feet. I always think that if they make you feel like dancing, then they are the right shoes for you.