Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Learning to drive Part 3

I'm so close I could touch it : ) last weekend I drove in my Mums car from York to Robin Hoods Bay, RHB to Whitby, RHB to Scarborough and back to York again!, I can actually drive now! I'm still to work on my manveres but have done really well with my turn in the road, still to practice parking and those dreaded roundabouts (I don't know how long that will take to click)! I have my test booked for early May but hoping that I will be able to bring it forward. So close, so close : )


  1. Driving lessons are always difficult. Here in The Netherlands you aren't allowed to practise with your own car before you get your permit. So only paid lessons which makes it loooong and expensive. THere are highways everywhere so... driving is quite a hazardous activity! LOL
    But eventually you get the permit and all is good.. just be patient with yourself!
    Goof luck!

  2. Hi Florcita, thanks for your comment. Wow, that must make it ultra expensive! I'm so glad I can get extra practice in my Mum's car, feels like I've been doing it forever but like you said, wil get there in the end : )