Monday, 13 June 2011

Learning to drive, the final chapter

This post is a bit belated as it's been busy times but here it is. I passed my test on the 25th May! and I think only people who have passed their tests can truly understand how liberating a feeling it is.

I was very nervous but found that a lot of meditating and positive thinking in the few weeks leading up to it helped immensely. I passed first time with only two minors so I feel it must have helped somewhat : ) : )

Unfortunately the grant I was awarded could only pay for a car and not for the extortionate amount of insurance that I wasn't expecting to be charged!. This was a disappointment at the time but soon realised the car would have been a drain on my resources. Living in York a bike is much quicker to get around and the car would have been for getting out of town, visiting family, fairs and exhibitions. Petrol prices are rising and rising and I'm continually hearing of stories of young people unable to afford it.

However I am insured on my Mum's car and she said I can borrow it anytime for going away. Me and my partner are planning some wild camping in the next month or two, so it will be great to have the freedom of going in a car. I recently went over to stay with my Mum where she lives in Robin Hoods Bay and drove around the village, Whitby, Sneaton, Ruswarp and Sleights, it was wonderful to drive round the area where I grew up, it's very liberating driving  ; )

The plan will be to save for a car for next year, that's the plan anyway, this is when my insurance is supposed to reduce, if not I will be joining an organisation called car club. For anyone who uses a car on an occasionally basis you might find this of interest

I don't regret learning to drive, just because I can't get a car (yet) it means more work opportunities are now open to me. I can get insured on other cars, I can rent and I don't have to worry about all the payments and when the time comes to get a car of my own I will be prepared and excited. I've done all the hard work, learning is a very lengthy and expensive journey and I have done it! and very proud and when a car comes along it will be the right time.

Instead of spending the grant on a car I was allowed to get a mac desktop and a camera and it is fab! Everything happens for a reason and I'm very much looking forward to more driving very soon.

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