Saturday, 23 July 2011

Box Bag Commission

I've just received a recent commission for a felt bag and as the product is new I thought it might be fun to document the progress. I have been asked to create a handbag but in a box shape and in autumnal colours.

This commission may take some working out as I have to find some way of stiffening the felt or using inserts so the felt stands up right and creates the 'box' shape. The bag is to be simple so I've been thinking of making the handles part of the bag and felt it all in one.

If any felters out there have any ideas for stiffening or inserts between felt pleased do let me know : ). I'm quite excited as I've been meaning to try out making some kind of re-inforced felt bag. I love those industrial, super thick felt bags that are around now, such as these: I'll keep you all posted as to my progress!

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