Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Learning to drive, an update

A few months ago I started to take driving lessons and wrote a post about it I feel like its due an update. Well my theory test is booked for next week and I've tackled dual carriageways, roundabouts and hill starts to name a few.

I have to say learning to drive has been a roller coaster, some weeks I feel totally confident and have a great time, other weeks I'm nervous and it's like I've forgotten everything but once I get going it all comes back. I do feel learning to drive a bit later in life makes a difference, if I'd done it when I was 17 I'm sure I would have picked it up a lot quicker, your mind state changes as you get older, more cautious maybe, lol.

My family and friends keep reassuring me that there will come a time when it will all be second nature. I'm very much looking forward to trips away with friends and my fella, just discussing it last night, camping in the Lake District and driving to The Big Chill, the music festival we go to every year.

I'm determined to be adventurous with my driving, I want it to give me freedom. Its been a longer journey than I anticipated but I did do my hill start on my first go just before Christmas : ). Its an expensive business having professional lessons but I feel so lucky that I received the ROSE award to pay for a car. In a few weeks I shall start shopping for bits and pieces such as road maps and car accessories but at the moment it all still seems quite unreal.

I also drove in the snow, lots of snow! and was so glad I did, it was a invaluable experience and taught me the differences of driving in such conditions. Confidence is the key and getting used to all these things that at first seems new and scary will, I'm sure, no longer be new and scary. I'm very much looking forward to the time when it will start to become second nature....I will keep updating my progress : ) Wish me luck!

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