Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Whitby, The La Rosa and Lewis Caroll

Last month we went for a weekend away to our home town in Whitby and went to the most quirky hotel!. It was called La Rosa and was situated on the West Cliff of Whitby, a bright yellow building where Lewis Caroll stayed on several occasions. There lots of themed rooms such as a Bram Stoker room, a Peter Pan and Wendy room and...

....this was our view from the Lewis Caroll room : )

This was the library where you could relax and read, have a tipple or choose dvds to watch in the Crows Nest room at the top of the hotel building

The details were endearing

And Whitby looked so beautiful from the window
We visited the Sherlock Holmes cafe on Flowergate which was also done out in the style of the time and the stories. We also ate at Trenchers restaurant which I haven't been to in a while, it was yum! the inside has changed a bit but the haddock and chips are still perfect!
This was our breakfast, they just knocked on the door and left the hamper outside, so lovely! We will definitely be going again.

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