Monday, 6 October 2014

Ilkley Cow and Calf

Ilkley Moor
Today we went to Ilkley Moor, what a beautiful place. I highly recommend the Sunday Roast at the Cow and Calf Inn that looks over the Moor. We went on a fantastic walk and watched some climbers attempt some tricky rocks.

It was our first day trip in our new car and also our first autumn day out in the country, it was still warm enough to have our lunch outside.

Me watching hubby climb a boulder, look at my cool combo of hiking boots and red crotchet tights! :)

I thought this rock was beautiful, the white marks are chalk from the climbers

Overall a great day, the heather is fading now to a light pink and the ferns are wilting, autumn is a wonderful time of year. I'm looking forward to more adventures in the car in the next few weeks.

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