Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Facebook, Etsy and Waterfalls

Well it's been a busy month this month, looking for venues for York Open Studios, submitting work for galleries and opening my new Etsy shop. This week proves to be just as busy as I'm doing more of the same. I've got a craft fair to prepare for and another gallery in Nunninton that I'm planning to get to very soon.

This is my new Etsy shop, inspired by my very own DIY wedding, the products were great fun to make. I'm still navigating my way round Etsy and figuring out how it all works but I'll get there in the end and it's great to have all my products up there so people can view them easily.


I also have a new Facebook page! again I am navigating my way round, it's very different to twitter both have pro's and con's but I really like Facebook for the fact you can write more than 140 characters at a time! and that it shows up links and pictures really well. You all have probably known this for eons but I'm a slow starter : )


As well as working part time, taking care of all the general life stuff we all have to deal with, doing my art work and practicing yoga as much as I possibly fit in we always make sure we get away every Saturday or Sunday to the country and last weekend it was Aysgarth Falls. I almost love it more in the colder weather, blows the cobwebs away. Happy Tuesday everyone.

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