Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Beloved shoes

Getting in the Christmas mood I have of course being browsing one of my favourite and many other girls and womens passion, shoes!. Its been making me think of the meaning of shoes and what they do for us. I thought I'd take you through the history of my shoe wearing starting with teenage.

When I was fourteen I entered my rebellious phase and the most brilliant, most wonderful thing I could think of to own was the glorious Doc Martin boot. Somehow these magical shoes gave me the confidence to feel I was protected in their hard exterior and tough leather, nothing could touch me when I wore my Doc Martins (esp the cherry red ones)

Getting into late teenage and early twenties I, for want of  better words 'softened up a bit' and I wanted a more sophisticated look. No more pink hair and clashing colours (although some days I'm tempted). When I was younger I wore anything I thought would annoy people but getting older I still wanted to be different but didn't feel the need to 'express' myself so extremely : ). I still loved boots. So makes such as rocket dog seemed the perfect alternative. I loved all their shoes and boots. I even went through a rare phase of wearing trainers. Which I enjoyed and feel myself vearing towards again.

It wasnt until my mid twenties that my passion for heals started, I dont know what changed, I always felt too self consious until then to wear them but as I got older and my confidence grew I developed a taste for everything bright and girly esp 40's style shoes. I still never wear a really high or thin heal,  I like the more petite style, here is a pair I have my eye on....

So now what do I wear, as a woman 'ahem' entering a new phase in my life, my 30's. Well I wear anything that makes me feel good, flats, boots, heels. I always like to find something unique. I have learnt over the years that all the shoes I owned were important to the phases I was going through. I know the fourteen year old me is always there in my head reminding me to be bold. At the moment my phase is one I'd like to keep and that is to seize the day, celebrate shoe wearing and enjoy it.

No matter how we don't like to admit it clothes and shoes make us feel good, shoes esp remind me of people, times and memories, they are like little pieces of art on my feet. I always think that if they make you feel like dancing, then they are the right shoes for you.

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