Wednesday, 17 November 2010

My Awards

Wow, what a day yesterday. I'd been nervous about it for months but the day finally came where I was to travel to Doncaster to apply for my funding from The Princes Trust. Box of designs in hand I caught the train, I'm glad I set off early because I got lost in the train station, for some reason it led into a large shopping centre and I was panicking a wee bit : ).

When I got to Doncaster college I had to wait in the lobby until 2.15pm, I was so nervous but once I got in the interview room I felt quite comfortable. Even in an interview situation people from the Princes Trust seem to put you at ease and I just enjoyed the chance to tell them my story.

I met some lovely people and they seemed really impressed with what I'd achieved so far and the products I make. When they told me they were giving me the awards I'm a little embarrassed to say I nearly cried but just told them how much it meant to me.

I would like to thank a lovely person called Fay who has been supporting me by e-mail and encouraging me, she is a fellow Princes Trust peep and is on the enterprise programme like me. She is very talented and I'm pleased to say exciting things have been happening for her including getting her greetings cards in Paperchase , well done Fay and thankyou.

My business can now move forward in the direction I'd hoped and it alls thanks to an inspiring set of individuals that make the Princes Trust happen, I am thankful to have my mentor and my business advisor, they are so supportive , they do change peoples lives.

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