Friday, 15 October 2010

Photos from Garlands Exhibition

Maidens’ Garlands

From the hazel sapling
Of springy wood
Your honour is hung
From your torn skirt

Woven trinkets
Mark the death of virgins
Fair Ophelia, children
These sashes were given
 Oh, give the young colour
Bind them with threads
For when was a girl
Not worthy of a ribbon?

Lucy Antwis June 2009

 Colours and samples that were on the original ribbons on the garlands

 Samples, patterns of clothing at the time

 I love this jacket! would wear it myself

 Modern replications of the original ribbons

 My recontruction and interpretation of the garlands that hang in the church

 The queen in Hamlet, talking of Ophelia plunging to her death while trying to grab for the flowers for her very own garland. Many think for this very reason she had gone mad and taken her own life.

 John Waterhouse, Millias, Rossetti......

 My hanging with the paper glove that traditionally hung down the middle, usually with the girls name and date of birth who had died. Mine had an excerpt from my poem stitched onto it.

Sketch of an original garland

The exhibition is still running until the 17th October

A Display concerning the
Maiden's Garlands                        
Old St Stephen’s Church           
Robin Hoods Bay
8th-17th October, 10-4pm.

Also: FLHG Talk by Rosie Morris
at Wibury, Fri 15th, 7.30pm

Details ph 07874053289

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